Coach U23 Korea announced to play all hands with Thailand: Vietnam won Malaysia will enter the quarterfinals?

The Korean U23 coach determined that he had to beat Thailand to win tickets to the quarterfinals of the U23 Asia 2022. This is also an important condition for Vietnam to continue.

Accordingly, coach Hwang Sun-hong said that U23 Korea did not have a good physical foundation in the 1-1 draw with Vietnam. Mr. Hwang Sun-hong praised Coach Gong Oh-kyun for doing a great job to turn U23 Vietnam into a great team.

With 4 points after 2 matches, Korea U23 has the right to decide on its own for a ticket to the quarterfinals of U23 Asia 2020 if they beat Thailand in the final series. Coach Hwang Sun-hong is confident that Korea will win against Thailand.

“Korea U23 plays with the best squad. Lee Kang-in will come back and we must win against Thailand U23 to win the next place with the first place. We don’t want this to be our last match at this year’s Asian U23 tournament,” coach Hwang Sun-hong determined that Korea U23 must win against Thailand U23.

Some comments were worried that U23 Korea and U23 Thailand could draw 3-3, through which U23 Vietnam was eliminated despite defeating Malaysia with any score. The reason why coach Gong Oh Kyun’s team lost was the goal difference in the results against Thailand and Hang Quoc.

However, coach Hwang Sun-hong was straightforward about Korea’s goal of playing the strongest squad and winning. That brings peace of mind to Vietnamese fans about a fair match between Korea U23 and Thailand U23.

If the match between U23 Korea and U23 Thailand has a win-lose result, U23 Vietnam has the right to decide for the ticket to continue. And teacher and coach Gong Oh Kyun beat Malaysia to complete the goal.

Overall, U23 Korea has a superior level compared to Thailand. Korea won 4 and drew 1 under coach Hwang Sun-hong. They will become very strong when midfielder Lee Kang-in returns to the starting lineup. Lee Kang-in’s talent and influence was reflected in the victory over Malaysia, when he played the best in this match. Lee Kang-in also spent 30 matches in La Liga last season.

Thai media commented that Korea is a very difficult gate for “war elephants”. Former Thailand coach Steve Darby predicted that Korea would beat Thailand U23.

Meanwhile, U23 Vietnam needs to focus to win Malaysia. This is the most important condition, because without 3 points, U23 Vietnam will be eliminated. Coach Gong Oh Kyun must demonstrate his ability to build an effective and attacking style of football for U23 Vietnam.

The last two matches in Group C will take place at 8pm on June 8. According to Saostar’s prediction, U23 Vietnam and U23 Korea will win tickets to the quarterfinals.

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