Thailand U23 coach: I know that Malaysia can beat Vietnam if they play hard

After defeating Malaysia U23 3-0, Thailand U23 coach said Malaysia can beat Vietnam.

Coach Worrawoot (Thailand U23) said: “Malaysia U23 can win against Vietnam. I know Malaysia U23 very well and they will fight hard.

For us, meeting Korea anything is possible, but we respect the opponent and the teams.”

The reason why Thailand U23 coach said that Malaysia can beat Vietnam is that he wants this scenario to happen. At that time, Thailand U23 would definitely continue despite losing to Korea in the final series.

Although Thailand is at the top of Group C, but U23 Vietnam is on the bright side, if it wins Malaysia, there are many scenarios to go on. For example, Thailand and Korea have winning and losing results. If these two teams draw with a score of 0-0 or 1-1, Vietnam will win tickets to the quarter-finals by scoring more goals than South Korea (counting the head-to-head goals of the three teams). Korea draws with Thailand 2-2, then Vietnam moves on if it wins Malaysia by 4 goals, or wins 4-1 but is better than Korea in fair-play points.

In theory, Thailand U23 is the brightest next door. “War Elephants” will definitely enter the quarterfinals if they don’t lose to Korea. Thailand will also continue if Vietnam does not beat Malaysia. Thailand U23 was only eliminated in 1 case, losing to Korea and Vietnam winning Malaysia.

Overall, U23 Vietnam has the greatest chance to enter the quarterfinals when only meeting Malaysia in the final round. Malaysia was eliminated, so Vietnam increased its chances of winning. As for Korea and Thailand, it is difficult to draw with the score 3-3 again. “War Elephants” was underestimated than Korea in a match of the same nature as the final.

For the next scenario of U23 Thailand, U23 Vietnam and U23 Korea, readers can read the details here.

On June 8, U23 Vietnam met Malaysia and Thailand to compete against South Korea. This is the final series to decide the next two tickets.

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