Contrasting circumstances of U23 Vietnam and Thailand

While the Thai people have quality additions to the final round of U23 Asia 2022, U23 Vietnam has many worries.

“You guys played well in the SEA Games, but U23 Asia is a different tournament. U23 Thailand has a different preparation and enters the game,” coach Worrawoot Srimaka shared at the press conference before the match between U23 Thailand and Vietnam. Men in the final round of U23 Asia 2022.

After 10 days, the two teams continued to face each other in another important match. U23 Vietnam won 1-0 at My Dinh Stadium to protect the SEA Games gold medal. But in Uzbekistan, it’s not easy for teachers and coaches to reproduce that.

The trio of terrible reinforcements of Thailand U23

Compared to SEA Games 31, U23 Thailand has 3 extremely significant additions. They are midfielder Kritsada Kaman, midfielder Thanawat Seungchitthawon and striker Suphanat Mueanta. Coach Srimaka gave Kritsada the captain’s armband and Thanawat took on the role of vice-captain. This shows the belief that Thailand U23 captain has for these players.

u23 thái lan

This is understandable because both Kritsada and Thanawat have shown their expertise in the Thai team’s shirt. They are part of the group that competed a lot in the AFF Cup 2020, the tournament where “Chien Elephants” won the championship.

The other person Suphanat is also an experienced factor. He is the record holder of Thai football when he scored in Thai League 1 at the age of 15. The striker also attended the 30th SEA Games, playing impressively in the 2020 AFC U23 Championship final at home.

In an interview with Zing before the 31st SEA Games final, coach Alexandre Polking said that the three names he really wanted in the Thailand U23 squad to attend the tournament were Kritsada, Thanawat and Suphanat. However, they were all absent because the club did not release people.

In addition, Thailand U23 also has a series of players playing abroad: Nicholas Mickelson (Denmark), Channarong Promsrikaew (Spain), Yannick Nussbaum (Switzerland), Achitpol Keereerom, Marcel Sieghart (Germany). ) and Sittichok Paso (Japan).

That is the basis for coach Srimaka to believe that Thailand U23 can win 1 to 3 points before Vietnam.

In the opposite direction, U23 Vietnam is being questioned. The 14 players who have just won the gold medal at the 31st SEA Games are still present, but when there are no three overage factors, the strength of U23 Vietnam has decreased significantly.

Losing Do Hung Dung, Nguyen Hoang Duc and Nguyen Tien Linh left a big gap in U23 Vietnam. Nham Manh Dung, who scored the decisive goal in the 31st SEA Games final, admitted to Zing: “Honestly, if you don’t count the older brothers, really U23 Vietnam has no outstanding football skills. , expertise as well as real-life image”.

Compared to U23 Vietnam, the Thai people are having more quality additions.

Thailand U23 has more advantages

Most of the players competing in the 31st SEA Games final will continue to compete in Uzbekistan. But the wits on the training bench will be very different. Srimaka replaced Polking and Gong Oh-kyun took over from compatriot Park Hang-seo.

This is also another great advantage of Thailand U23. In fact, coach Srimaka is the one who best understands the current generation of Thai players, and Coach Polking was appointed just before the 31st SEA Games. It was the former Binh Dinh club player who made a preliminary list for Polking to select first. prize.

Not stopping there, coach Srimaka also has the effective support of Mr. Salvador Valero Garcia, head coach of Thailand U23 at the 2022 Southeast Asian U23 tournament. Both coaches Srimaka and Garcia understand their students very well.

On the other side of the front line, Coach Gong can hardly have that. He officially took over the head coach of Vietnam U23 after the 31st SEA Games and only had enough force in hand about 10 days before the tournament.

Not only that, Coach Gong also wants to build a new tactic for U23 Vietnam. He used a 4-3-3 formation while most players were familiar with the three central defenders system of his predecessor Park Hang-seo. The last minute change of personnel decision (choosing Tran Van Cong instead of Ha Trung Hau) also partly shows that the Korean strategist is still struggling with U23 Vietnam.

On the other side of the front line, U23 Thailand continues to use the familiar 4-3-3 (can be converted to 4-2-3-1) diagram. Coach Srimaka’s philosophy is no different from Polking. “Tieu Voi Chien” will still actively control the ball and play offensively against Vietnam.

In the final of SEA Games 31, U23 Vietnam won, but Thailand also created many opportunities towards Nguyen Van Toan’s goal. Therefore, they can continue to do the same in the upcoming confrontation, especially in the context that U23 Vietnam has many disturbances.

“We won in terms of scores. However, Thailand is a formidable opponent. Even if they win, it is an absolute victory. Therefore, the next meeting will be very difficult,” the striker said. Nham Manh Dung was cautious.

After the defeat at the 31st SEA Games, the Thais are definitely eager to beat Vietnam U23 in the rematch. The advantages of personnel, coaches… also help them to be appreciated.

At this time, U23 Vietnam needs to show the bravery of those who have just graduated

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