Coach Park is not satisfied with the trial in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City praised the new staff, but coach Park Hang-seo admitted that the team had not met the requirements with the test of kicking four defenders in a friendly match against Afghanistan on the evening of June 1.

True to the promise of personnel trials, coach Park Hang-seo introduced midfielder Adriano Schmidt, defender Nguyen Van Vi, midfielder Truong Van Thai Quy and Chau Ngoc Quang. Center-back Duc Chien was also the first starter in the national team. Besides, he also creates conditions for players who have not played for a long time such as Dang Van Lam, Duy Manh or Dinh Trong to enter the field.

At first, Vietnam did not use three players over 23 years old who had just won the SEA Games, striker Nguyen Tien Linh and two midfielders Nguyen Hoang Duc and Do Hung Dung. But after the break, due to changing the diagram from 3-5-2 to 4-4-2, Hoang Duc had to enter the field. Despite scoring twice thanks to a brace from striker Pham Tuan Hai to win 2-0, Coach Park admitted that the team’s new gameplay was not smooth.

“Thai Quy, Ngoc Quang are my new tests in this match, and they all meet the requirements. Van Lam hasn’t come back for a long time, while Duy Manh has just recovered, but that’s okay. Overall, I’m satisfied with the new players and the returning old ones,” Coach Park said after the match on Thong Nhat Stadium. “In the first half, the team played according to the familiar three-back system. In the second half, I wanted to try to play the four-back system, but it was not satisfactory. In about 25 minutes, the midfield broke and lost a lot of the ball. There were worries from the assistants, so we chose the safe solution to return to the familiar play of the team.”

According to Coach Park, if Vietnam plays with four defenders, the division of roles between positions and routes is very important, and it takes time for all links to get used to the feeling. “The last concentration period was too short, so we haven’t perfected the four-back system yet. But to prepare for the AFF Cup in December, I will give the team more training in this kick,” he added. .

On the attack, on the day Tien Linh did not play, Tuan Hai made good use of the opportunity when he scored a double. However, Coach Park is still concerned about Vietnam having too few options in the striker position. “Regarding other positions, we can say we are quite reassured. But Vietnam really lacks strikers, not only at the national team level but also at the U23 level. The reason is known to everyone. Domestic football tournaments Because of the importance of foreign strikers, internal soldiers have little chance. I think Vietnamese football management agencies need to have a plan to solve this problem, “emphasized the Korean military leader.

About letting Nguyen Quang Hai play the whole match, Coach Park explained: “Quang Hai is about to go abroad, but has not played for a long time. I asked him if he could play the whole 90 minutes, and Quang Hai said yes. And I want to play to keep the feeling of the ball. I only decided after having a thorough discussion with Quang Hai.”

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